Alessa Morgan

As a certified wellness coach and holistic practitioner, Alessa Morgan is passionate about working with women who struggle with emotional eating and helping them integrate wellness into their lives through practices rooted in self-care. Alessa’s journey started with her own struggles with weight gain and unhealthy coping mechanisms that lasted over a decade. This struggle led to the determination to understand what it takes to create change and build lasting results.

Wellness is so much more than diet and exercise. Alessa’s approach centers on holistic support that focuses on mind, dealing with stress, patterns and habits, environment, emotional health, physiology, and brain science – all to create lasting change through a deeper understanding of self. Using this approach, Alessa has helped women from all walks of life to integrate wellness into their lives; but the integral aspect of this work always centers around cultivating self-connection, creating change out of self-trust and compassion, and designing boundaries and routines for an extraordinary life.


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