Camilla Calberg

Camilla Calberg is a Speaker, Author and Full-Time Coach at Calberg Coaching Limited. She previously worked as an experienced Corporate Consultant, successfully leading transformational projects with large scale Corporations.

Having discovered that divorce is the second highest stressor a human being can experience; she has now fully devoted her life to being a Divorce and Family Support Coach and provides practical yet robust advice, guidance and support to female executives in abusive relationships or who are struggling through a painful separation or divorce. She helps them navigate the turmoil that is associated with divorce, which can threaten and disrupt their professional existence. Teaching them, what she herself has enforced successfully.

She is a Certified Professional Coach, having completed the acclaimed and internationally recognised iPEC certified coaching course. Camilla lives with her daughter in Denmark and enjoys nature trails and traveling. Her professional and personal lives are now blossoming in tandem as she continues to help other women globally to achieve groundbreaking results, so that they too can live their best life ever.
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