Despina Mavridou

Despina Mavridou a lawyer, a mediator for family dispute issues and an author. As a kid her parents separated, and she was alienated from her dad for more than 20 years (re-united recently).

For years she was caught in the middle of her parents fights and this created a lot of confusion, desperation and anger in her. Many times she felt she was the adult and not them. As she grew older, she realised that she was carrying a lot of fears and emotions and that these feelings were actually preventing her from moving on with her life. She had the fear of abandonment, fear that she was not good enough, that she had to try hard in order to be accepted and many more.

When she understood what she was feeling; she decided to ask for help and started therapy, it helped her to better understand herself, recognise and face her fears and establish a new relationship with her parents. It also helped her make her own family.

Her experience helped her understand that asking for help is the key to overcome all these difficulties. When somebody is facing a divorce, the challenges are so many and the feelings so intense that it is impossible to do it alone.

It’s crucial to ask for help. This is the only way to help yourself and the children to face this difficult situation and create a new balance. For this reason, she has also written the book “Mum dad can you hear me?” that is about divorce through the eyes of a ten-years-old girl. The goal of the book is to help parents understand the feelings, needs and thoughts of the kids, and it also helps the children realize that a balance can be recreated in the end.

She has also recently created a diary, where children can write down their thoughts and emotions during this difficult period. The books are available on, you can find out more via the links below: