Rita Hausken

Rita Hausken, Founder of Shestainability, is a Strategist, Leadership Coach, Advisor and Speaker who has coached hundreds of women on how to take their seat at the table and confidently share their ideas and visions. She has a proven track record of changing cultures in male-dominated industries by supporting women to step into greater leadership and influence. She cares so much about this work because she has seen how women bring unique solutions to important issues of our time.

For 20 years, Rita worked as a Sales Director in the press, covering the oil and gas industry.  She led teams of 20+ people and navigated them through some of the worst economic downturns. Rita experienced first-hand the challenges women face in a male dominated industry, which is why, in 2017, she resigned to start her own coaching company. Now, Rita is on a mission to help women ensure that business, stress and pressure don’t hijack their lives, and instead, to let their innermost values and vision guide them and be at the forefront of everything they do.

Rita holds a number of professional certifications, including a PCC from ICF, and CPC, MP ELI from IPEC. She is the Chair for Lean in Equity & Sustainability and is a mentor for TechStars and Grunder Lab. Rita lives in Norway with her big family of six under the same roof. She has an adventurous spirit and loves to dive, fish, hike and ski.

Learn more about Rita at www.ritahausken.com.